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Revitalize your bathroom

Turn Key Remodel understands the importance of a personable, functional and comfortable bathroom. We also understand that getting from the bathroom you have now to something better is not necessarily easy, or pain-free. But we believe that remodeling your bathroom shouldn’t be difficult or involve pain.

Whether you want to transform your bathroom into a personal oasis with a waterfall shower or a free-standing, clawfoot tub in an elegant space is your preference, Turn Key Remodel can help you make your bathroom remodel dream turn into a reality.

The Process

Though bathrooms are often smaller than other rooms, there can be a lot involved. This is why we believe in transparent and clear lines of communication, excellent service, and building lasting relationships.

From the initial free consultation and itemized estimate of your Orange County bathroom remodel to small, final touch-ups, we want the process to be easy and stress-free for you. We will help ensure any materials and fixtures you want are available and if some items have a long lead time, we will work around the delivery date.

Because the initial demolition can be dusty, we lay down heavy-duty mats to protect your floors, seal the project to confine debris, and clean up every day. At the point of fixture installation, we pay great attention to detail as we complete a final punch list, ensuring all fixtures align perfectly, towel racks are at your desired height, tiles are cut to exact measurements—nothing is overlooked.

Yes, TKR provides a free consultation and estimate. Once an appointment is scheduled, we will confirm the appointment in advance. The owner, Mark and in-house architect Sam will meet with you to discuss your needs and budget. Mark has a lifetime of construction experience and Sam is extremely creative artistically and prepares all of the necessary drawings for conceptual renderings for the client to visualize their project as well as architectural drawings for building purposes. We will then follow up with a free itemized estimate for most small to medium sized projects in a timely manner or a budgetary estimate for larger projects.

Most bath remodels require permits unless only cosmetic features are added or changed such as painting or flooring. Regardless, TKR can prepare a plan, process the permit and coordinate the inspections as necessary.

Turn Key Remodel can create your dreams to reality. Most of our clients have a vision and we expand on their ideas. Some of our clients don’t have a clue on what to do or how to go about the process. We provide all of our clients as much or little help as necessary. We have a pool of resources to assist in every step of the way from concept to completion. We provide all of our clients a list of resources upon our initial free consultation. This consultation usually includes conceptual renderings prepared on-site by our in-house architect. We provide the same consultation service for all projects small and large, interior or exterior, residential or commercial. Call or email us now for your free consultation!

Upon signing an agreement with Turn Key Remodel you will be provided a list of information and how to prepare for your project. You will also be given access to our project management software that includes a projected timeline, daily schedule, logs, material selections, documents, photos, messages, invoices and change orders that can be approved with a tap of a button. Dianely, our project administrator communicates with our clients, staff, and vendors and updates the project management software daily. Each project is assigned a project manager that periodically inspects the project as necessary. Mark, the owner and Sam the architect are available on an as-needed basis. A professional designer is available for design input as well as material and color selections. An introduction to the team lead is usually scheduled in advance to discuss the questions and concerns of the client and familiarize the lead of the new project. The scope of work is reviewed to ensure all parties involved are on the same page. On the first day of work prior to demo plastic, paper and dust curtains are installed as necessary. Trash is picked up and the project kept clean at all times. All necessary inspections are coordinated by TKR.